Examples of some diseases treated by Doctor Kanevsky include:
Chronic Fatigue
Back Pain  
Manic Depressive Illness
Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Hysterical Neurosis
Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis
Major Depression


Examples of Modalities, Remedies and Techniques used by Doctor Kanevsky:

Medical Cupping
Massage therapy
Back therapy
Radical Non-surgical reconstruction of Spinal Cord
22 influential, confluent and low confluent point treatment
Wu Su and Kung Fu
Qi Gong
Hatha Yoga
Liao Gong
Kundalini Breathing 
Fasting Therapy
Pulse Diagnostics

Dosha Therapy
Zang Fu
Meridian Diagnostics
Wu Fa
Tongue Diagnostics
Facial Diagnostics
Total Meridians Opening
Yin So Gong
Spinal Diagnostics
Mu Su Meditation
Transcedental Meditation
Herbal Prescriptions
Sun Jie Gong
Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Prescriptions
Sheehan and Svedana
Medical Basti

Wu Bu Twe
Tibetian Rejuvenation
Western Psychoanalytic Therapy
Shao Lin Gin Gan Dao Jue
Total Body Self Acutapping
Five Spheres Therapy
Gong Therapy
Quin Sun Sin Twe
Couple and Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Ta Fa Twe


Doctor Kanevsky has earned his Medical Doctor Degree at Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute in 1983.

Doctor Kanevsky has graduated from Surgery Internship at Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital in 1984.

Doctor Kanevsky has completed his Post Graduate Doctorate Program in Surgical Oncology at Krasnoyarsk Regional Oncology Center and Moscow Research Radiology Center from 1984 through 1988.

Doctor Kanevsky has earned his Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Medical Herbology at Moscow Center of Eastern Medicine in 1989.

Doctor Kanevsky has graduated from the Internal Medicine and Family Practice Internship at Shadyside Hospital of Pittsburg in 1993.

Doctor Kanevsky has graduated from Psychiatry Residency Program at University of Maryland in Baltimore in 1997.

Doctor Kanevsky has lectured on Eastern Medicine at University of Vienna, Austria; Oxford Center of Pittsburg, USA; Robert Wood Johnson University at Hamilton USA; Kyoto Center of Shiatsu, Japan; and other institutes world over.

Dr. Kanevsky is the founder of one of the first in the Western hemisphere Centre of Eastern Medicine in Moscow in 1987 which he was leading as its Medical Director.

Dr. Kanevsky is licensed to practice Medicine in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. 

Doctor Alexander Kanevsky is the:

  • Winner of the First Award in Surgery, 1982
  • Winner of the Consumer nominated Award in Psychiatry, 1999
  • Author of “Antiproteolytic activity in Surgical Oncology”, 1985
  • Author of “Abrikosoff Tumors of the Tracheo-Bronchial Tree”, 1988
    Author of “Wedge Resection of Carina and Right Main Bronchi in Lung Cancer”, 1987
  • Author of “Antiproteolytic activity in septic surgery”, 1982
  • Author of the “Psychoanalysis of Goethe’s Faust”, 1996
  • Author of “Between Rejection and Intrusion”, 2002
  • Author of “Doctor Kanevsky’s Diaries of Health”, 2010
  • Author of “Between Hypocrisy and Immorality”, 1998
  • American Psychoanalytic Association Recognition, 1996
  • Author of “Journey into Life and Death”, 2001 
  • Author of “Crys”, 2007
  • Author of “Five tongues of Alexander Kanevsky”, 2009
  • Shaolin Temple Recognition in Kung Fu, 2005 

“I really believe that you should hire Kanevsky on your payrolls as the resident expert on all things psychiatric, medical, spiritual, fruit related, etc.”

Colin McEnroe “To wit” WTIC

Dr. Kanevsky is the founder of one of the first in the Western
hemisphere Centre of Eastern Medicine in Moscow
in 1987 which he was leading as its Medical Director.





Doctor Kanevsky has born his own system and technique of Natural Integrative Medicine based on Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Tibetian Medicine, Western Medicine and Psychiatry that allows him to treat diseases of human body and mind.