“Developing my body, mind and spirit has been a result of treatments with Dr. Kanevsky.  Physically he has eliminated chronic problems, increased my energy levels, and with psychoanalysis has freed me, for the most part, from adverse reactions of the past.  I understand this takes a while to fully clear. Spiritually he imparts knowledge of truth just by being himself.  I have felt heartfelt love and concern throughout my treatments with Dr. Kanevsky.  I believe he is a gifted healer.”

Barbara Cokelet, Master of Social Work, is now a Natural Health Connoisseur.
Red Bank, NJ

“I have been under the care of Dr. Kanevsky for approximately 6 weeks.  In this short period of time, I have experienced tremendous changes, both physical and emotional.  Dr. Kanevsky's deep dedication, integrity, and vast knowledge of the human experience, body and many healing modalities allows for amazing healing to occur.” 

Sebastian Pirone
Business owner/manager
Reiki practitioner, Intuit 

“I have seen great changes in my daughter since she's been treated by Dr. Kanevsky”

Lucy Delfini, RN
Avon by the Sea, NJ

My mother, who lives in Ukraine, 2 years ago was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She underwent hysterectomy and chemo and radio therapy. She was told that the radio therapy was done with no direction, was too excessive and she suffered a severe damage to her stomach from it. She had almost no micro flora of her stomach left and there was no stomach circulation. Shortly the terrible pain in her back started. No treatment including stomach medications and massages to her back could help. She was suffering from the fatigue, constipation, and back pain for more than a year until she was diagnosed with the cancer of duodenum. The surgery was not recommended for her and she went again through the chemo and radio therapy. After chemo therapy she told me that she probably will die very soon. Her energy level was the lowest and she continued suffering from severe constipation that only enema could relieve. She also had a severe edema of her feet and legs. She could barely walk, felt constantly nauseated, had severe headache, could not eat, felt pain all over her body. Her life became an everyday torture. I went to Dr. Kanevsky for a consultation. He prescribed to my mother the herbal treatment that she was supposed to start immediately. As soon as my mother cooked and drank the first portion of the herbal solution she noticed immediate changes. In the beginning she was severely nauseated, but the feeling was different than after the chemo therapy. She also started having a diarrhea 5-6 times a day. Dr. Kanevsky explained to me that this is a very good sign that the herbal treatment works by expelling the abdominal masses and tumors from my mother’s body. After 2 weeks of drinking herbs my mother started feeling a relief in her condition. In spite of her nausea she was not constipated at all, having a bowl movement 5 and more times a day. She was not bedridden anymore, started moving around capable of doing small household tasks. Her energy level jumped and she started feeling very optimistic. Now after 3 months of taking herbs she is very energetic, taking long walks to a local food market to by foods prescribed by Dr. Kanevsky as part of her nutritional regiment, she takes care of 3 of her grandchildren, cooks, cleans, does everything what she did before she got sick. She gained 12 pounds of weight within the first 72 days of her treatment and her skin turned from yellow/pale and lusterless to pink and vibrant. Her edema is gone. She is not nauseated anymore. There are symptoms that she still experiences while the process of healing her body and expelling all the tumors that infested her body over the lifetime goes on. Approximately after a month and a half from starting her herbal and nutritional treatment with Dr. Kanevsky she started getting dark green and grey spots on her legs, but Dr. Kanevsky explained that this is the sign of the liver and spleen adjustment and healing. Now this symptom is gone. After 3 months she experienced the severe itching of her body, but Dr. Kanevsky explained that the destruction of her tumors and abdominal masses in general is going faster than her elimination of the products of the destruction and she should increase elimination and fluids in her body by drinking of more prescribed liquids and eating more watermelon. Now itching is almost completely gone. She knows that under the care of Dr. Kanevsky she will conquer any symptom and eventually will come to a complete healing. My mother tells me that she feels that it is not her time to die and she is going to live a long life thanks to the miraculous treatment provided by Dr. Kanevsky. Thank you, Dr. Kanevsky, for giving my mother hope and a new chance to live.

Olexandra Makar
Philadelphia, PA              

“My health seams to be doing better and thank you, Dr. Kanevsky, for getting me back to the health I was looking for. I don’t feel 100% just yet, but miles better then I have in the last few years.”

Rob Knox
Owner, Fitness USA
Navesink NJ


“I have been going to see Dr. Kanevsky for the past six months. When I first visited him, I was tired much of the time, a little depressed could not think clearly and had sometimes sever gastric reflux and heartburn that was only controlled with Zantac and large amounts of Tums taken each day.

Almost immediately my gastric reflux and heartburn were gone. In a short time my “fuzzy” thinking was replaced with a clear mind. I now have more energy than I have in years. Most importantly, I feel happy much of the time.

As a Registered Nurse, I think Dr. Kanevsky is a kind, compassionate and brilliant doctor. Thank You.”

Pamela Jones,
Integrative Therapy Nurse, Princeton NJ

“I was concerned about adhesions from a prior surgery, my energy level was low, my kidneys did not appear to be functioning at peak efficiency, my spine was weak and leaning to the left, and I had begun taking an aspirin or two before I  went to sleep because I was not sure whether I was having heart issues or not. I kept my feelings to myself since I was not sure and did not want to believe that I was a hypochondriac.  Dr. Kanevsky read my pulse; his diagnosis confirmed my unexpressed feelings about my health and more. I was amazed that Dr. Kanevsky could diagnose my problems by reading my pulse even though I did not share with him how and what I had been feeling. We began a treatment program. After only a few treatment sessions, I was feeling strong and my weak organs were functioning at peak efficiency.  Thank you, Dr. Kanevsky.”
Dr. Willie Brown
Professor of Anthropology,
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

In May 2009 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
On the web-site
www.dralexanderkanevsky.com  I contacted Doctor A. Kanevsky. From June 2009 I was under his care.
May 3 2010 I had the check up with my urology doctor. He was very happy and amazed:
1. Nodules were gone
2.  The size of prostate gland is reduced. 
3. My optimism is high

I have yet nocturnal problem, but Cancer is no longer with me.     

Michael Friedman, Civil Engineer
Philadelphia, PA